Using chakras as a way to reflect on life


In my book As Good As Goodbyes Get – a Window into Death and Dying I share how one man, who was dying, used the chakras as a way to reflect on his life.
This traditional Hindu system of belief encompasses energy centers known as chakras. These energy centers serve to assimilate and transmit psychological, physical and spiritual energies. These energies can range from very dark and heavy energies to very light energies which vibrate at different frequencies – love being the highest vibration and a spiritual energy.
There is a need to realise that a psychological pain, such as grief, needs relief as well as a physical ailment. Chakras can be used as a road map for exploring what is ailing different organs in the body. For example, a bereaved person may experience the same physical symptoms as those experienced by the person who has died.
There are 7 main chakras to explore. The 1st is found in the base of the spine and is the foundation of emotional and mental health. It is connected to a traditional family, religion or organisation and is concerned with safety and security and the ability to provide for life’s necessities. It is concerned with ‘feeling at home’ and standing up for oneself and considers the belief patterns of the tribe – these may lead to wisdom or woe and much unfinished business to heal prior to death or to living a happy life. This chakra affects physical health in the areas of digestive issues, the lower back, legs and feet.
The 2nd chakra or sacral chakra is the center of personal power, creativity, sexuality and finances. It is the center for passions and pleasures and it asks: “are you comfortable with my sexuality?” It is the center where the energy of relationships is understood as well as creativity. Relationships need to be thought about on three levels. Firstly, there is the relationship with yourself. Secondly, there is your relationship with others. Thirdly, there is your relationship with your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine qualities or your God self.
The 3rd chakra is found in your solar plexus and is about your self-esteem and personality. It is about the person outside the tribal or professional identity. It is about having a personal code of honour and not needing the approval of another. As well as knowing yourself, it is about recognising and avoiding energy vampires – those people who leave you depleted after being with them. There is a physical association with the adrenals, pancreas, digestive system, liver and gall bladder.
More to come…