Hello Half-2022!


It has been a fancy roller-coaster round for us and unbelievably, it is already the first day of June and we are halfway through the year. A lot has happened. However, we have been too reserved in posting the happenings since the year started and so with great excitement, I announce the official launch of my Social Media Network.

In this age of technology, my launch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, will provide a diversified connection to all of you as I venture into different platforms that can provide us more engagements and allow more discussions in our usual topic of discussion. I know it is not my usual thing but as I’ve lived through time, I understand that changes, progress and being open to all these and directing them in a positive manner will bring me closer to people and how my experience as a palliative care nurse consultant and educator be reached out to more in the world.

With this, I invite you all to reach out and connect with me.

Facebook – Soul Talks Books by Joy Nugent

Twitter – @soultalksbooks

Instagram – @soultaksbooks

LinkedIn – Soul Talks Books by Joy Nugent

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